‘Love Guru’ Matuk Nath agrees to pay up third of salary to wife; over a decade after he fell in love with student

Having earned fame at the time as Bihar’s love guru

At the time he was drummed as the real love guru.

But he was also married at the time.

And over a decade after he was thrown out of the house by his wife for being in a live-in relationship with a student, the Patna University professor Matuk Nath Choudhary has assured Supreme Court that he would pay third of his salary to estranged wife.

Having earned fame at the time as Bihar’s love guru, he took to settling the dispute recently.

Choudhary had hit the headlines in 2006 when his wife, accompanied by TV journalists, raided the house he was sharing with his former student and caught them red-handed.

The professor later accepted being in affair for student Julie Kumari, a pass-out of Jawaharlal Nehru University.

After the incident, Choudhary’s wife had thrown him out of his house.

The wife, a practising lawyer, also lodged a case under the Domestic Violence Act and sought maintenance from him.

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