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Love Jihad: Man kills woman & daughter in UP’s

A man identified as Shamshad has been named as the main accused in this case

In a ‘Love Jihad’ case, a mother-daughter duo was murdered and buried at their home by the woman’s lover in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut. The horrible incident came to light after the woman’s friend Chanchal filed a missing complaint with the local police station. Chanchal went to the police after she failed to get in touch with her friend for over three months.

A man identified as Shamshad has been named as the main accused in this case. Shamshad is also accused of marrying the woman by changing his name and hiding his religious identity.

According to police, Shamshad fooled Priya by claiming that he is a Hindu remained in a live-in relationship with Priya and her daughter Kashish for around five years. Shamshad told Priya that his name was Amit but when Priya realised that Shamshad is actually a Muslim she started drifting away from him. The couple started fighting continuously and on March 28, Shamshad killed both Priya and Kashish. Shamshad then buried the bodies of Priya and Kashish in the courtyard of their home.

It is learnt that police had questioned Shamshad in connection with this case but he was allowed to go after questioning. The police filed the case after they found two skeletons buried inside the house. Police has announced a reward of Rs 25,000 on Shamshad who has gone absconding, Shamshad’s first wife has also been named as an accused in this case and she is also absconding. Police is conducting raids to arrest both Shamshad and his wife.

Police said that Shamshad belongs to Bihar and he was living in Meerut for the last 10 years. Police has expressed confidence that Shamshad will soon be arrested.


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