Where in the world do people get the best pay?

Luxembourg one of the smallest in size but biggest in wages

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Here are some numbers numbers showing how much professionals and management level workers are paid around the world. All salary figures include bonuses and incentives :

1. Luxembourg Luxembourg might be one of the smallest countries in the world, but it pays some of the highest salaries. Its service professionals have an average gross annual income of $58,425 (£43,208), while management earn an average

2. USA In at number 2 is the USA. The country is known for its great customer service and its service professionals certainly get well remunerated, taking home an average $60,717 (£44,903). Management-level staff are on an average of over six times this at $382,189 (£282,647).$246,477 (£182,282).

3. Switzerland If you’re looking to work in another country, Switzerland is the one to opt for. It has the highest salaries in the world. Its service professionals earn an average $92,625 (£68,500) a year. Meanwhile, its management workers take home a huge $431,603 (£319,192) a year. The effective personal income tax rate is just 10.91% too. Time to emigrate?

4. Australia It’s not just the weather that attracts workers to Australia. The financial rewards are good too and management receive three times what service professionals receive, a lot more equitable than elsewhere. Service professionals here have an average gross annual income of $51,497 (£38,272). Management are earning an average of $165,581 (£51,497).

5. Ireland Ireland has invested a lot in attracting and retaining talent in recent years and its salaries are certainly one reason people are staying in their jobs. The average gross annual income is $43,862 (£32,597) for service professionals here. This rises to $197,191 (£147,470) at management level.

6. Germany The IMD report found that German companies put a high priority on employment training, which might explain why worker motivation in companies is high, but the salaries are also a major contributing factor too. Service professionals earn $42,280 (£31,422), while management take home $289,253 (£214,969).

7. France Joint 12th with neighboring Belgium, the IMD report found that worker motivation in companies in France is high and the salaries reflect this. Service professionals here have an average gross annual income of $38,787 (£28,826). Management-level workers earn an average $247,183 (£183,703).

8. UK It might all change after Brexit but, for now, the UK is in the top 10 highest-paying countries. Service professionals here earn an average $45,691 (£33,957). Management earn an average $230,721 (£171,469).

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