Madhya Pradesh hikes Rs 500 per standard bag for tendu patta collectors

The state government has increased the remuneration rate of the tendu patta collectors by Rs 500 per standard bag. Now the tendu leaf collectors will be paid Rs 2500 per standard bag in place of Rs 2000.

The collectors will be paid the remuneration and bonus in cash. While giving this information, Forest Minister Shri Umang Singhar said that the state government has fulfilled its promise made to the forest produce collector in the manifesto.

He said that with the increase in the remuneration by Rs 500, the tendu patta collectors will be paid more than Rs 110 crore this coming season.

With this decision of the state government, nearly 33 lakh 12 thousand collectors will be benefitted and a collection of nearly 22 lakh tendu patta standard bags will be made possible.

Forest Minister Shri Singhar informed that the tendu patta collectors from far-flung areas of the state were quite dissatisfied with the e-payment system.

They had to travel 15-20 km several times to reach the bank. The banks in rural areas are comparatively smaller which have lesser amount of funds. By the time the collectors reached the bank after leaving their work, the funds in the bank would finish and they would have to return empty-

The Forest Minister told that now the employees-officials of the forest department will reach the village beforehand and give information about the day and time fixed for payment, so that the forest produce collector does not have to go anywhere else. The collector will then have easy access
to the forest department.

It may be noted that 19 lakh 14 thousand standard tendupatta bags were collected in tendupatta collection year 2018. Payment of Rs 382 crore 80 lakhs was made to the collectors at the rate of Rs 2000 per standard bag. This led to creation of 1.75 crore mandays in a month.

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