Madhya Pradesh leads in punishing criminals, says Minister

Home Minister Shri Bala Bachchan has said that Madhya Pradesh has now become the leading state in the country to get criminals punished. For this achievement, the state has been awarded the country’s first prize by American institution ‘Golden Book of World Records’.

Home Minister Shri Bachchan handed over this award to Director of Public Prosecution Shri Rajendra Kumar in Police Training and Research Institute.

Shri Bachchan said that for better law and order in the state, it is important that action should be taken against the criminals promptly by the police and the prosecuting officers should be cautious about getting them punished.

He said that Madhya Pradesh has good coordination between both the parties. Due to this, the prosecuting officers of the state have succeeded in getting capital punishment in 21 cases in the year 2018. He congratulated the officers for this success and also assured to make all essential
resources available by the state government.

Director Public Prosecution Shri Rajendra Kumar said that Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country where the work of public prosecution officers is evaluated daily, monthly and annually through an ‘app’. Based on the app, the best performing officers in the state have been awarded
various awards for the first time.

Officers awarded

Smt. Anita Bhartiya, Shri Amit Kumar Shukla, Smt. Mausami Tiwari and Shri Udaibhan Raghuvanshi have been given Abhiyojan Gaurav award in Public Prosecution Annual Award 2018.

Award of Best Deputy Director Prosecution of the district to Shri Shyam Lal Koshta (Satna) and Shri Jagpal Singh Tomar (Khargone) while Smt. Jyoti Gupta (Indore), Seema Sharma (Ratlam), Dr. Rashmi Vevam Sharma (Morena) among Assistant Public Prosecution Officers besides 14 master trainers has been awarded.

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