Madhya Pradesh working to approve final claims of loan waiver of over 25 lakh farmers

Madhya Pradesh is moving ahead speedily to approve final claims of the Loan Waiver of 25 lakh 5 thousand farmers till February 23. The work to release approval is being done day and night.

Under the Jai Kisan Fasal Rin Maafi Yojana, approvals of the loan waiver are being uploaded at the collector level.

A total of One lakh 284 final claims of the farmers have been approved during the first 6 hours after the start of this scheme.

The final claims of the farmers worth Rs. 245 crore 19 lakh have been approved.

The amount will be deposited in the bank accounts of 25 lakh farmers during the period from February 25 to March 01 at the tehsil wise progarmmes to be held in the entire state.

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