MAGICAL MAWLYNNONG is the ‘Cleanest’ Village; But Where’s it ??

A small village, 90 kms away from the town of Shillong

A small village, 90 kms away from the town of Shillong and in close proximity to
Bangladesh border definitely a visitor’s fancy, a sure conversation grabber when you
reach home and a pull that attracts one to revisit the place. Situated in the northeastern
basin of peninsular India amidst the lap of Meghalaya, Mawlynnong is best called as the
cleanest village. “Cleanest” as the word and the meaning as concerned is to be taken very
sincerely as one would not fail to notice at nitty-gritty the village more spic & span and
well maintained. The ‘cleanest village of Asia’ status was accorded in 2005 by the
Discover India magazine.

Mawlynnong is painters frenzy splatter the canvas in multihued colours, highlighting the
details in blue green and floral prints. Nestled in the pristine hills of Meghalaya, the
serene silent village is cute and colourful. The high mountain pinned against the blue sky
is the harbour of virgin forest.A walkway atop the trees awaits a breath-taking experience
for you. Yes, the main attraction in this forest is the tree house with machan- a narrow
bridge perked at the out set of the house on the tree made of sterner stuffs to carry human

The house on the treetop is fashioned with two cozy rooms on the either side and with a
central placing. It also has a small protruding verandah that subjects one to stare in to the
jungle and here the silent noises of the night. The blackness is spreads out make you
drive to the interior to imbibe in the dark nothingness.
The night in silence makes one relax under the star peeping out of the veiled sky by the
tuft growth of the trees.

The mornings take you out to the outdoors to know the village and its precincts. One may
not wonder at the bins place frequently at intervals through out the cemented pathways
connecting the houses. This is to avoid litter.

The houses that are at intervals and are well planned are ornamented in the hues of floral

bright colours. A presents a rare view of moss covered wall, a gate decorated with
bougainvilleas or a tree brimming with yellow orchids falling out of the trees embrace.
The floral imprint adds a cherry touch to the village with the innocent toddlers peeping
out of the window to the unknown faces.

This place again extends you to further place of sight seeing like a natural phenomenon
of boulder balancing on another rock. Yet one more amazing sight is a living roots bridge.
The bigger ones are at Cherrapunji yet this one is fascinating. Spanning across the river,
the roots of two huge trees have gotten intertwined and has formed a bridge and are used
by the villagers.

The bridge leads you to a waterfall falling at thick foliage on the stony path. The place is
very placid. One would feel like passing the time by dipping the foot in the cold placid

The local tribe is incredibly friendly and to the tourists delight is very jovial.
The fame of the small parish is drawing in more and more guests. Though the villas are
carved out of thatched roof and bamboo, look hospitable and restful. Mawlynnong is
poet’s frenzy and the writer’s imagination.

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MAGICAL MAWLYNNONG- the 'Cleanest' Village
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