Rains bring horrendous possibilities with them

Mahanadi, Shivrinarayan, Shivnath rivers in spate


South-Western monsoon has been a bit late in becoming active over Chhattisgarh. However, the state is put to a lot of inconvinences by monsoon rains. Active for just last couple of days, rains have covered a large portion of the state. Capital Raipur got copious rainfall for 48 hour at a stretch, throwing life out of gear for a time.

According to reports, Mahanadi, one of the main rivers and considered a lifeline of the state, is on spate with water overfowing at som places. Janjgir, Champa and adjacent areas are waterlogged to a large extent due to an overflowing Mahanadi. Shivrinarayan Shabri bridge, too, is partially submerged. To ensure public safety, district administration had to go to the extent of prohibiting traffic movements on this bridge. Administrative and police officials are said to be camping near the bridge. According to reports, The water level of Mahanadi increased by 6 feet in just 6 hours due to an extended period of incessant rains.

A report from Balodabazar said that Mahanadi was flowing very near the point marked to indicate danger. Apart from Mahanadi, Shivrinarayan and Gidhauri rivers too are overflowing. A large quantity of water from these riverss has made its way into the main township. It has affected the normal traffic on Balodabazar-Saragarh main road.

However, that’s not all of the disturbances this rain has caused to the district. Bilaigarh is said to be completely cut off from the district headquarters. Ghatmarwa, the bridge connecting Bilaigarh with district HQ is said to have submerged 4 feet under flood water. Even after that, some people were seen crossing the bridge on Tuesday at a grave risk to their lives.

On the other hand, Riwasarar village of the district is reportedly marroned by the Mahanadi water. District administration had to kick off a rescue operation today to take the villagers to safer places. SDM Prakash Rajput reached the village to oversee rescue works. Boats have been employed to ferry people to safer plafer places.

According to reports reaching here from Durg, flood water has pervaded lower areas of the town. Incessant rains are playing havoc in many parts of the district for the past 36 hours. All the rivers and water drainages of the city are overflowing. This has put life out of sync here too. Shivnath river is said to be flowing near the point of danger here. The water storage in Mahmara irrigation dam recorded 6 feet above normal.

However, people are enjoying rains to the hilt. As weather conditions have becoming extremely serene and cajoling to the sebses, they are not to remain inbound all the time. Many people are seen visiting riversides to toast the season. This made administrative officers go surrying for public safety measures.

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