Maharashtra ATS nabs Hindu activist, HJS dubs it ‘Malegaon 2’

Unperturbed Says, needless harassment of Hindus not new


The Maharadhtra Anti Terrorism squad (ATS) nabbed a person from Bhandarali pocket of the Nala Sopara area of Palghar on Friday morning and declared him to be an active member of the right wing Hindu organisation Sanatan Sanstha. However, it was revealed upon investigation that he actually belonged to Hindu Janjagran Samiti (HJS).

However, some bells tolled when ATS also let out that incriminating articles such as explosives, detonators and gunpowder were found in his possession.

The activist has been identified as Vaibhav Raut. The ATS used a dog squad to swoop down on him. The HJS, however, reacted in an unperturbed manner.

The Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh HJS Organiser Sunil Ghanvat simply called the ATS operation “Malegaon 2” and also ecried the arrest as an effort to put the entire Hindu community at shame and disadvantage.

Not even once did he try to contradict any claims of ATS officers regarding the Arrested youth being an active member of the organisation.

He accepted that Raut is an active Gau-Rakshak (Cow protector) of the Hindu Govansh Raksha Samiti. “He used to participate in agitations and programmes for uniting Hindu organisations under the aegis of the HJS,” said Ghanvat.

“The incidents of needless harassment of Hindu orgnisations’ activists and implicating them in false cases are not new. It was amply proved through the Malegaon (2008 blasts) case and arrests of many innocent Sanatan Sanstha activists,” Ghanvat added.

He was referring to the arrests of several leading Hindu functioneries, including Sadhvi Pragnya Singh Thakur and others, during the investigations into the Malegaon blasts in a Muslim locality killing seven and injuring over 80.

Earlier on Friday, Raut’s lawyer Sanjeev Punhalekar had also informed the media that Raut was not a Sanatan Sanstha activist and his name was being deliberately linked to defame the organisation.

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