Maharashtra Govt bans sale of tobacco at shops, selling FMCG items

Maharashtra government has banned the sale of tobacco in shops selling FMCG items in the state. State government yesterday announced a ban on the sale of tobacco at shops that sell chocolates, chips and other edible items in the state. Pallavi Darade, Commissioner, Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration, told reporters in Mumbai that the move is aimed at ensuring youngsters do not get addicted to tobacco products.

She said children tend to get influenced a lot by the presence of tobacco and other items while they are out shopping for food items like chocolates and chips. Ms Darade said the move followed a directive from the Centre. The Union government had directed state governments to enforce a ban on the sale of tobacco at outlets which also sell Fast Moving Consumer Goods (items of general public consumption).

The officer claimed that Maharashtra, which came out with a notification on January 9, became the first state to enforce the ban. She said Shops and establishments caught selling both tobacco and FMCG items would face penal action, including cancellation of their licence, up to six months imprisonment, and a fine. The officer said FDA has also extended the ban on scented supari (areca nut) by six months until July 2018.

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