Mahira Khan revealed she has never been a victim of harassment or abuse

Mahira Khan revealed that she has never been a victim of harassment or abuse. But she did state that she too has a #MeToo story like every woman does.

Mahira Khan‘s movie Verna became a victim of a ban by the CBFC in Pakistan because of its bold content. The story revolved around a rape survivor who seeks revenge from her attackers. The ban on the movie was lifted just hours before Verna was slated to be released.

Talking about the same with a leading British daily, Mahira said, “What we have to bear in mind is that, yes, Verna was going to get banned because of the decision of a small minority, but [it] did not get banned because of the majority who stood up for the film. To me, that is a victory.”

The Me Too campaign took Hollywood by storm with stalwarts like Harvey Weinstein being ousted by his victims. Mahira revealed that in regards to her work-life, she has never been a victim of harassment or abuse.

“Like every woman, I do have a #MeToo story; but if somebody wants to share something personal, they should do it when they want to, not because there is a movement or someone else is talking about it,” the actor continued.

Talking about how she was brought up by her parents, Mahira added, “My parents were like these hippies almost, they are free-spirited, but they were also strict which seems like a weird dynamic but it worked. They allowed us to do whatever we wanted as long as we understood we were responsible for our choices and understood the consequences. So there wasn’t a fear of failing as long as we tried.”

Mahira also got candid about the horrific case of Zainab Ansari, the seven-year-old girl who was brutally raped and murdered. The actor stated, “It was a breaking point for society. The whole nation came out on to the streets. Everyone was angry and wanted justice. There is not enough education, and we are still shaming victims and talking about the issue in terms of family honour. Pakistan is ready for a change.”

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