Major businesses including Amazon keen to invest in Madhya Pradesh

Reputed companies like Alibaba and Amazon are interested to invest in Madhya Pradesh.

State has industrial friendly atmosphere.

This was said by the Minister for Urban Development and Housing during a meeting with a delegation of the British Deputy High Commission (BDHC), Mumbai.

Shri Singh mentioned that employment generation is the prime objective of the government. He stated that there are many sector in the state where we can work together.

Madhya Pradesh is a heart of the country.

There is a vast scope of work in Madhya Pradesh.

He also told the delegation about the schemes being implemented in the urban bodies.

The Deputy High Commissioner BDHC, Mumbai Shri Crispin Simon has told that we can participate in the activities

like revenue enhancement in urban bodies, capacity building, traffic control system, energy production from domestic waste, solar energy and
development of smart cities.

Principal Secretary Shri Sanjay Dubey said that areas will be determined to work in alliance. The Commissioner Urban Administration Shri Gulshan Bamra and Director Town and Country Planning Shri Rahul Jain were present at the meeting.

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