Major fire breaks out in Aero India parking lot, then this happened

A major fire broke out today morning at the parking lot of Aero India 2019 venue in Bengaluru.

The fire suddenly spread and is said to have engulfed over 100 vehicles.

Officials say the cause of the fire could be a lit cigarette that was disposed on the grass in the open field.

Huge plumes of thick black smoke could be seen in the sky near the Yelahanka air base in north Bengaluru, where about a hundred aircraft are parked for the biennial Aero India 2019 event.

While it is yet to be ascertained as to how the fire broke out and spread so fast, it is speculated that dry grass and strong winds may have helped the fire spread.

Hundreds of vehicles, including two-wheelers and cars, were seen parked in files in the open ground, surrounded by fire.

The fire has been brought under control and no injuries have been reported.

No planes have reportedly taken off from the airbase in the last one hour. Sources say they will fly once the fire is completely doused.

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