Maldives situation of concern to India, United States, Pentagon says

concern of India regarding Maldives was also acknowledged

With Indian influence in Maldives receding and island getting in the grip of China, the United States defence agency Pentagon termed it cause of concern.

The Pentagon specifically pointed to what it termed to be massive lad grabbing ongoing in the island nation.

It need be mentioned that United States has been time and again asserting commitment to the free and open Indo-Pacific rules-based order.

The concern of India regarding Maldives was also acknowledged.

It need be recalled that during a recent visit to the US, Ahmed Naseem, a former foreign minister of Maldives, had alleged that China was meddling in internal affairs of Maldives.

He also said that China is engaged in land grabbing endeavour in a massive way and it that poses grave threat to US and India.

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