Man convicted of Coimbatore blast, re-arrested; for ‘eliminate Modi’ phone talk

man identified as Mohammed Rafiq was released from prison a few years ago

In a sensational revelation, a Coimbatore bomb blast convict accused was re-arrested after his telephone conversation went viral where he is planning to eliminate Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The man identified as Mohammed Rafiq was released from prison a few years ago.

He was re-arrested Monday after the audio clip of his telephonic conversation went viral.

It need be mentioned that Mohammed Rafiq was accused of being involved in a series of bomb blasts on February 14, 1998.

While it led to death of 58 people and destroyed property worth crores in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore, the man was convicted only to be let out of the jail in 2007.

It was later that the investigators could unravel that the blasts were a part of larger conspiracy to eliminate BJP leader LK Advani, who at the time was visiting the city for his election meeting.

However, in the latest meeting, the Mohammed Rafiq in his eight-minute long conversation is heard talking with a truck contractor named Prakash about his role in the attempted killing of Advani and then an alleged plot to kill the PM.

The police and other security agencies, however need to confirm officially what the circumstances were in which this conversation took place and how did Modi’s name come up.

Though, Rafiq has admitted to making the statements about killing the PM, he clarified that he was just attempting to intimidate Prakash.

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