Man helps wife in delivery of baby, but it goes horribly wrong

case is of woman in Tiruppur town of Tamil Nadu, who died on Sunday

In a daring experiment gone wrong , a husband tried to get her wife deliver the baby at home itself.

The couple had been watching videos on YouTube.

But the dare went horribly wrong as the wife bled to death.

The case is of woman in Tiruppur town of Tamil Nadu, who died on Sunday.

This happened after her husband reportedly delivered their child at home taking tips from videos on video sharing platform.

Identified as Karthikeyan and Kritiga, the coupe worked as a teacher in a private school.

They were strong beievers in natural birth and thus embarked on this plan of having the baby at home.

The lady Kritiga, in her late twenties, developed labour pains in the afternoon and delivered a baby at 1:30 pm at their home with the help of her husband.

But in about an hour, she reportedly developed fits and that was when her husband called 108 ambulance service.

The husband Karthikeyan has been taken into custody. The couple has a 3-year-old daughter and the second born baby boy is said to be doing fine.

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