Man kills biological mum, as part of weird ritual, this had happened

In what came even as a shocker for local police, a young boy in Chhattisgarh’s Korba district went as far as to kill his own mother and allegedly consumed her blood as well.

The move is seen inspired out of Tantric practices, said police sources.

The killing could have been done back in New Year’s Eve, suspect police.

The accused has been identified as Dilip Yadav and it is also alleged that he eventually chopped his mother’s body into pieces to later burn them.

Police is on the lookout for Dilip Yadav.

Police is said to have been told by the villagers that Dilip Yadav was convinced that his mother was a witch and blamed her for the death of his father and brother.

Police got the complaint through victim’s neighbor, a 50-year-old Sumariya.

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