Man murders 2 women over adultery, Confesses on news channel

In a shocking incident, a man was arrested from a news channel studio in Chandigarh after he confessed killing two women over infidelity over the last 10 years during a live programme. In the TV program, the 31-year-old accused, Maninder Singh, who is a cab driver, confessed killing a 27-year-old nurse on New Year’s Eve and a Karnal woman back in 2010.

During the live programme, Maninder Singh confessed killing his live-in partner — a 27-year-old nurse Sarabjit Kaur at a hotel on New Year’s Eve and a Karnal woman whom he had killed in 2010. Singh was convicted in the 2010 murder case but was out on bail.

Confessing his previous crime, Maninder said he had killed Renu in Karnal. “She was also having an affair with a man from Uttar Pradesh,” he said.

Singh was arrested while the program was still on air as police rushed into the studio.

Haryana Police had arrested him for killing the woman in 2010. He was convicted by a trial court, but he later got bail from the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

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