Maneka Gandhi addressed at Bookaroo festival of children in New Delhi

Maneka Gandhi unveils her upcoming book cover.

Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi addresses at “Bookaroo” festival of children New Delhi today. Minister for the Ministry of Woman and Child Development Maneka Gandhi unveiled the cover of her upcoming book “Theres a Monster Under My Bed! And Other Terrible Terrors” today at the ongoing Bookaroo Lit Fest .

“One day, my granddaughter said to me, ‘Dadi , there’s a monster under my bed’. She was a serious three-year-old and for the last few months had been unwilling to sleep in her room . I broke into a big smile, ‘How lucky, Anasuyaa, I want one too. Can I have yours?’ I could almost see the gears in her head shift and her perception change.

The fear vanished. There are so many fears that children have and we could help them get rid of them quite easily. That is why I wrote the book,” she said. Gorgeously illustrated with full colour artworks, it is a unique and pertinent picture book for children on conquering their scariest fears.

It is scheduled to be release in January 2019, and will be on pre-order in the coming week.Over 200 kids attended her session on Monday morning and actively engaged in interacting with the author.

Over 70 speakers from 13 countries are participating in the he 11th edition of Bookaroo, with a scintillating mix of sessions covering storytelling, workshops, drama, art, craft and books.

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