Manikarnika director Pooja Bhatt is back

Kangana Ranaut's Manikarnika is at the heart of a controversy

kangana Ranaut can’t stay away from controversy for too long. While her recently-released film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is doing good business at the box office, she has drawn heavy flak from several quarters.
For starters, director Krish Jagarlmudi, who had to opt out of the film halfway for another project, is rather upset with her claim that she made 70% of the film. In a recent interview, he opened up about her “rude” behavior on sets, and how she even changed his name in the director’s credits.

While most of Bollywood prefers to remain silent on the issue, Pooja Bhatt has come out and spoken up in defense of Krish. Retweeting the video she said, “This is so wrong… on every level… this is not the industry I was born to and not the industry I wish to inherit. Eventually it is credit we work for… money comes & money goes… the first rule of film making is to acknowledge people’s contribution.”
Kangana came on board as the director of Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi in June and ended up re shooting most of the historical drama because she “couldn’t desert a sinking ship”.

However, Krish claimed that he finished editing the entire film in June and everyone even finished dubbing for their parts, with the exception of Kangana, who was shooting for Mental Hai Kya in London at the time.

“She returned, saw the film and said that she liked it. She however added that she had few small concerns. After few days, she said that iska jyaada hai, uska jyaada hai, this girl is overpowering, that girl is overpowering. Then she came up with yeh change karna hai, woh change karna hai. She also said that Kamal Jain (producer) hadn’t liked the film,” Krish revealed.

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