Manish Goplani finds theater influential in all aspects of life

World Theatre Day 2019: Actor Manish Goplani who is seen playing the role of "Ghoonghru"

Actor Manish Goplani who is seen playing the role of “Ghoonghru” in the television show “Aap Ke Aa Jane Se” has credited his success as an actor to his experience in “Theatre” as today the world is celebrating “World Theatre Day” the actor feels theater can be influential in all aspects of life.

“Theatre has been an influential factor in many people’s lives. Creativity can flourish, academics can improve, and means of self-expression can be developed. It is important to have mandatory theater classes because when a student participates. They benefit significantly, not only in terms of exploring the unexplored or hidden ability to act, but also by shedding the inhibitions associated with performing in front of an audience. Theater can be influential in all aspects of life,” Manish Goplani said in his statement.


Manish who is now enjoying a successful career as an actor was an theatre artist earlier and this has help in to do always better as an actor. He shares, “I have enjoyed and performed at theatre many a times before being an established actor. The experience has been actually helping me achieve success as an actor. A theater performance is a beautiful blend of different people from diverse backgrounds coming together. Putting to rest their differences, shedding their inhibitions and perform as one while helping each other. This particular aspect clearly refers to the pillar of diversity. Making use of the limited resources at your disposal is another learning which I could garner from theatre. This refers to sustainability pillar of SOIL. Theatre also taught me how to put yourself in others shoes and empathize with them. This particular aspect is very crucial in a sense that if one can’t really get into the character he is showcasing, then he won’t be able to do justice to that performance. Hence the pillar of compassion plays an indispensable role here. And last but not the least, the pillar of ethics forms the essence of theatre in real sense. If we are true to ourselves, then only we can be true to our values and to others – should have explored this more. Theatre also makes all the participants share their ideas and showcase their creativity in whatever aspect possible. Most of the time, it was observed that people who were not expected to be associated with creativity, actually surprised everyone by their presence of mind.”

Manish is best remember for playing the role of “Bihaan Pandey” in the television show “Thapki Pyar Ki”

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