Manisha Koirala States with confidence,that she want to enjoy her life

I do not want to be confined in a mould: Manisha Koirala

As soon as I get time, I go away and come back when I have work. Quality work with breaks in between is how I want the life to be. I want to enjoy life,” she states with confidence.

When Lust Stories dropped on Netflix, Koirala was busy with an outdoor shoot in Lucknow for Sanjay Dutt Productions Khanum, a remake of Dev Katta’s Telugu film Prasthanam

“I was very conscious. I waited till the reviews started coming in. I was so nervous,” she shares. She was pleasantly surprised with the results, acknowledging all four directors.

“I could see the directors’ souls and spirits in all four shorts When intellectual directors make films on a subject like this they bring out the story in a nice way rather than an easy way She says.

Koirala is as generous in heaping compliments on the actors, “Everybody has performed really well.

Radhika Apte is bold and confident. Kiara Advani is gorgeous, innocent and shy, Bhumi Pednekar is so expressive.” she says. Shooting the film was a spontaneous affair and they tried out various scenarios.

“Reena realizes that the man she having an affair with is not interested in a future with her.

Then there is the protective, motherly thing with the husband when he cried like a baby.

She feels guilty. Reality is what Dibakar was wanting to portray But I was saying no, she can’t jump so quickly. I wasn’t entirely convinced,” she admits.

So how comfortable was she with her character Reena in Lust Stories? “I am most conservative when it comes to my views.


When Dibakar Banerjee narrated the idea of his Lust Stories shortto Manisha Koirala over Skype, she thought the title was strange.

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