Manmarziyaan Scenes to be Cut after Sikh Communities Reaction

Scenes from Anurag Kashyap's Manmarziyaan to be cut after the Sikh community takes offence; however it is Taapsee Pannu's reaction that you cannot miss

Anurag Kashyap, makes a film and it does not come under the scanner of people’s eye and an issue is created! Manmarziyaan has impressed the audience, but the controversy started nearly a week after its release.

But it is not because of its story or direction this time, but because of something else altogether. While we respect the sentiments of the people who raised this issue, we are deeply disheartened that such thoughtless things are pointed out and made news of!


The director and actors namely Anurag Kashyap, Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal were said to hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community with the ill-portrayal of their religion.

And while Anurag apologised to them, released a powerful statement and even cut the scenes from the film, Taapsee’s apology was satirical and you cannot miss it!

Let’s talk about the issue first. The Sikh community strongly objected to the smoking scenes from the movie. They had a problem with Taapsee and Abhishek’s characters (who are playing Sikhs in the film), smoking cigarettes in a scene as the Sikh religion does not permit smoking.

Even the scene where Rumi (Taapsee) thinks about her ex-lover in a Gurudwara was offending to them as their religion is pious and all such acts are demeaning.

Anurag tweeted with an apology, but it did not stop at that. The Sikh community only relaxed when the news came out that the scenes from the film will be removed and a final rectification will be done further.

But the sweet and jolly Taapsee gave the best reply and her tweet has just made us proud of her. She said “I am sure this edit will assure that no Sikh will ever Smoke and no woman will ever think about ANYONE else while getting married in a Gurudwara. This surely will make Waheguru proud and assures that MY religion is the purest, most righteous and peaceful! #Proud”

Anurag although stunned, took his time to explain how they had done their research well and had no intention of hurting anybody’s sentiments.

The statement that that he posted online said that when the scenes were shot, there were around 150 people (Sikhs) who saw it and they took their help for such scenes.

They even made sure that Abhishek removes his turban off before smoking and even learned how the turban should be removed and given to the cousin in one scene. He went on to say, “Not a single thing was shot without guidance. We wanted to show things the way they are. No religion teaches crime or anything anti-humanity, yet those things happen. It doesn’t mean they are offending the religion. Manmarziyaan is a story of three individuals and not their religion.

I am sorry if anyone feels genuinely hurt but I would also request that please don’t make this unnecessary political because it’s not. I have always put out things the way they are without an agenda. Technology does not allow us to cut a scene and it affects the storytelling. So I definitely cannot do that now. To those whose hurt is genuine, I offer a genuine apology, that wasn’t my intention. And for those who are doing it for those who are doing it for attention, I am glad you have got the attention.”

CBFC has even issued a statement and demanded for certain changes in the film.

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