Many celebs come together in support of Padmavat

Many celebs of Bollywood come together in support of Padmavat.

Talking to the media at the Jaipur Literature Festival, filmmaker Vishal Bharadwaj repeatedly reiterated that he is standing with Bhansali. Vishal said, “Bhansali has made a film which is within the purview of law. There is nothing illegal in this.

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Vishal Bharadwaj said about the violence and protests during the screening of ‘Padmavat’.

Our elected government only constitutes the censor board. The censor board showed the film to a panel of experts who recorded some objections and the manufacturers rectified those objections and corrected the film. After this nobody has any right to perform any kind of violence or demonstration.

Vishal also said that Bollywood celebrities who are now in politics should also support Bhansali. He said that it is very scary that despite getting permission from the Supreme Court to release ‘Padmavat’, people are taking the law into their hands and doing violence in place.

Actor Nandita Das says that a handful of people cannot decide what everyone should read or see in the country. Nandita says, ‘There are democratic ways of keeping our thoughts.’

There are many movies which I do not like at all, but that does not mean that I start doing goodbye. If I do not like any movie then I do not see him and go. A society can move forward only when it has a place for consensus and disagreement with each other.

Padmavat should be known in Oscars: Shabana Azmi

Film producer Anurag Kashyap said that in Rajasthan, where most protests against the film ‘Padmavat’ were held, the people who are victims of the harassment of self-respect.

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