Many Indian words find their way into Oxford dictionary; Gulab Jamun included

Many Indian words find their way into Oxford dictionary; ‘Gulab Jamun’ included

Despite India being one of the largest English speaking countries of the world, it is true that even Indians have adapted the language according to local tastes.

Now it is in recognition of this fact that several most commonly-used words in India have been included in the latest update of the Oxford English dictionary.

The love of food by Indians seems to have gone global. The names of food items that have been included are – bhindi, gosht, gulab jamun, keema, mirch, mirch masala, namkeen and vada. In the September 2017 update, words like sevak, surya namaskar and udyog have also been added to the dictionary.

Oftenly used terms like timepass, funda, achcha, natak and chup also have their meanings in the dictionary now.

Words like ji that Indians use to show respect also finds a mention.

This is not the first time that Indian words have found a place in the wordbook. Over 900 words like aiyo, badmash, bhelpuri have gone global after getting included in the dictionary in the past.

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