Match Fixing: A Paradox of Pride and Prejudice

Online betting in India has made a huge platform through online applications

The Cricket season just marked a spectacular end with the World Cup 2019. The showstopper was the England cricket team that won the super over beside New Zealand. The Entire world was buzzing into this frenzy of cricket season. But did we miss something amidst this grandeur? Did we miss what is said to be a cricketing tradition? Did match fixing and online betting go unnoticed?

Match fixing has been a habitat of cricket for decades now. Nowadays, online betting in India has made a huge platform through online applications. The betting system in India was mostly a quite affair. But recently it has become a legal source for some. Starting from 1979, where Somerset declared their innings in their Benson & Hedges Cup one-day match against Worcestershire closed after only one over was completed. Later, in 2000 Saleem Malik (Pakistan), Mohammad Azharuddin (India) and Ajay Jadeja (India) were banned due to charges of Match fixing. Furthermore, in IPL 2013, Board of Control Cricket in India (BCCI) banned S. Sreesanth and two players for for alleged match fixing.


This time in World Cup 2019, some speculations did make the corner on matches being fixed due to both legal and illegal betting that took place. The betting business is the greatest in the world. People across the world play their lucky hands to win humongous amount during the season.

Some reports even support the link of underworld and big business parties in the betting market. But what remains to be known is the truth.

Cricket this season was a totally in the favor of odds. Especially when New Zealand knocked down India in the Semi Finals. India, was ruling the number one spot and the results totally fluctuated at the Semi finals. If we look into the details, we can surely find some fixing radars in the corner. But again, the ICC has denied all the rumors of match fixing till this year.

But like we say there’s no smoke without fire, the reality is unknown and the hype about a disturbance between the captain and Vice Captain of Indian Cricket Team is making the rounds. The reason is yet to be known for the cause of fire. Maybe time will unveil the story that sleeps inside the dressing room.

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