Maulana Saad Jamaat Chief Replies to Delhi Police Notice

Maulana Saad reply comes a day after the DP Crime Branch furnished a list of 26 questions to the Tablighi Jamaat chief

Maulana Mohd.Saad Kandhalvi Tablighi Jamaat chief has admitted that the crime branch of Delhi Police has issued a notice to him along with a questionnaire.

Jamaat Committee member Mohd.Yusuf Saad Maulana Saad’s son has gave a written statement.According to Yusuf the statement was drafted in consultation with the Maulana.

“Media reports about the Jamaat headquarters since March 31 are only a part of conspiracy and attempt to defame the Markaz.

Tablighi Jamaat doesn’t have any connection with any political party,”the statement read with the acceptance that the crime branch has registered a case against Maulana saad.

Maulana Saad,in his written statement,has termed the incident of Jamaat headquarters guests being positive for Coronavirus,”A Co-incidence” only.

“This is a Co-incidence.As soon as we got to know about the Coronavirus,we banned the entry of guests in the headquarters.

We have a record of every guest,Jamaat headquarters made all possible efforts to send back all the guests to their homes,” Maulana Saad said in his statement.

The statement further read,”Soon after the Prime Minister declared complete lockdown on the midnight of March 24 following the Janata Curfew.

The government machinery had stopped the event organised at the Jamaat headquarter.

The event was postponed for undeclared time,all people who have attended the event,whether they are Indians or foreigners, have been evacuated.

They have either been quarantined at various places or been hospitalized”.

According to the statement,”FIR number 63/2020 has been filed with the New Delhi Crime Branch and a notice has been served against this under Section-91 of CRPC.

The crime branch has asked for all documentary evidences in this notice”.

According to a source,in a reply to the crime branch on Friday,Jamaat headquarter said, “The police have sealed the markaz.

Most of the agents of Maulana Saad are now in quarantine homes, Hence,it is impossible to provide these evidences.

So,when the Jamaat headquarters will be opened and all managers will be assembled,the crime branch will be provided with the evidences”.

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