Maximum demand of power reaches 14,089 MW, in Madhya Pradesh

The demand for 41 days of electricity was recorded above 13 thousand MW this Rabi season.

The maximum demand for electricity was recorded at 14,089 MW on January 5, 2019, which was successfully supplied.

281.26 crore more units of power was supplied in the month of October, November and December compared to the corresponding period of last year in
this Rabi season.

The main reason for the increase in electricity demand in the state is the 24-hour power availability for domestic consumers and for 10-hour of electricity in the agriculture sector.

The level of maximum power demand for 31 days in December crossed 12 thousand MW and the level of maximum demand for power for 25 days remained above 13 thousand MW.

Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Shri Sanjay Kumar Shukla said that the maximum demand of power registered last year on December 28, 2017 was 12 thousand 240 MW.

This year the maximum demand of power registered so far was 14,089 MW on January 5, 2019. This was 1,249 MW lore compared to last year.

117.44 crore more units supply in October-2018

Shri Shukla said that in October -2018, total power supply of 748.82 crore units was made, whereas in the year 2017, 631.36 crore units of electricity was supplied in this month.

The total supply of electricity in the month of November, 2018 was 789.17 crore units compared to 707.38 crore units in the year 2017. In December 2018, the total supply of electricity was 790.89 crore units, compared to 708.87 crore units last year in 2017 this month.

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