McDonald’s Awarded $25,000 to Boys Who Went Viral in Social Media

The two men who went viral earlier this month for creating their own fake McDonald's ad poster.

Jevh Maravilla & Christian Toledo were regular diners at their local branch, but they kept noticing a blank wall which was just begging to be filled.

Eager to rise to the challenge, they set about staging an elaborate prank which saw them pose for, photograph, and then print their own fake campaign, which they then stuck up with adhesive tape.

Their efforts went unnoticed for almost two months, but once Jevh tweeted about it he went viral immediately; the post has since been liked 1million times.

The tweet also caught the eye of Ellen Degenres, who invited them onto her show to discuss the process of actually pulling off the prank.

Amazingly, it involved buying a McDonald’s uniform from their local charity stop to wear when installing the poster and even creating a fake job title for their employee badges: Regional Interior Coordinator.

McDonald’s was so impressed by their efforts that it actually granted their wishes and made them poster boys, awarding them both with $25,000 (around £19,000) as a fee.

Explaining their reasons for creating the poster, Maravilla cited a need for increased diverse representation in advertising:

Both men have since taken to social media to express their gratitude, and McDonald’s has followed up by congratulating the men for their efforts.

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