Medical negligence as woman administered HIV positive blood

In a case that could be of medical negligence, a 24-year-old pregnant woman in Tamil Nadu was administered HIV positive blood in a government hospital.

Local sources said that the infected blood was pumped into her during a blood transfusion at a government hospital in Virudhunagar district.

It is said that a few personnel have been suspended citing negligence.

The government has offered financial compensation and jobs for the woman and her husband but they want help for private treatment after the negligence.

The woman has been put on anti-retroviral treatment because doctors say instant detection gives her a chance to live a long life.

But the family now has to wait till the birth to find out whether the baby is infected with HIV.

The HIV virus is usually transmitted through sexual intercourse, infected blood and from an infected mother to the baby in her womb or through breastfeeding.

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