Meghan Markle’s Bold Red Self Portrait Dress in talks

Meghan Markle's Fashion Fail in This Red Dress is Relatable AF.

Meghan Markle’s, bold red ‘self-portrait’ dress during her and Prince Harry‘s royal visit to Tonga has got everyone talking.

As she stepped down the red carpet, hand in hand with her husband the Duke, the Dutchess of Sussex looked nothing short of a dream.

But that is not exactly why people are talking.

What is Fashion Without a Faux Pas?

Hawk-eyed fans ogling at the stunning sight that Meghan was, were quick to notice the label sticking out inconspicuously from the £400 dress.

Meghan Markle’s fashion fail.

But let’s not mar the moment by dwelling on a silly mistake, shall we? Haven’t we all done this once in life?

Right before a big event or party, we suddenly realize there is nothing in the wardrobe that fits the occasion and we have to hit the stores for a last minute shopping session.

The excitement gets the better of us and we leave the label on as we step out totally doable. So, let’s cut her some slack.

With or without that label sticking out, Meghan Markle looked gorgeous AF in this red dress.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry holding hands

She paired the monochrome piece with a quite simple par of navy heels and a black clutch to keep the attention on her dress.

Her bold choice to don a vibrant red monochrome dress, sporting finely done cut-out detailing and a thin belt in the same delectable hue of red was quite the fashion statement.

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