Microsoft targeting Dropbox & Google customers

Tech giant Microsoft is targeting its cloud storage rivals Dropbox, Box, and Google by offering to buy-out customers’ existing contracts if they make the switch to its file-hosting service OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive for Business will be free for upto three years for customers with existing contracts at the competing services.

According to TechCrunch, Microsoft aims to attract customers who were interested in trying out OneDrive for Business, but are locked into other services.

However, the offer, which runs starting today through June 30, is not open to just anyone.

Microsoft is specifically poaching enterprise customers with this deal, as it requires the business make a minimum 500 user commitment to OneDrive.

They also can’t be an existing customer of OneDrive or Office 365.

But, the tech giant isn’t just relying on offers like this to entice customers.

The platform has also rolled out upgrades which include securing external file sharing; a files-on-demand feature that doesn’t use local disk space; multi-geo capabilities for multinational organizations; a self-service recovery solution called Files Restore; and expanded capabilities, including real-time co-authoring of Office files and drag-and-drop, on iOS.

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