Millionaire Killed whale, wants you to know entitled to kill 161, not 150

Millionaire who killed rare whale wants you to know he is entitled to kill 161, not 150

Millionaire, Kristján Loftsson the Icelandic whaler who earlier this week reported aims to kill 150 more whales this summer, has responded to accusations by assuring indy100 that “we have a quota of 161”.

Loftsson’s company, Hvalur hf, was shown butchering a rare blue and fin whale hybrid in shocking photos taken by anti-whaling groups in Iceland earlier this month.

The hunting season targeting fin whales the second largest mammal after the blue whale began in early June.

In this summer, the company has slaughtered 50, but is permitted to kill 161 fin whales by the end of the season in September. Although Loftsson told indy100 the final tally may be less depending on weather conditions.

Other whale species can occasionally get caught up in the company’s metaphorical nets, including the rare hybrid photographed, which Loftsson admitted to us is the fourth of its kind his company has killed.

He implied these unintentional kills amount to collateral damage, explaining that species can be tricky to identify during a hunt when only the back of the whale is visible. He told indy100:

Tests carried out at Iceland’s Marine Research Institute have confirmed that the whale was the offspring af a female blue whale and a male fin whale.

These are legal to kill under Icelandic law, though the meat cannot be legally traded.

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