Minister visits National Children Science Exhibition, rides e-cycle

Raipur: E-cycle is becoming a centre of attraction for school children and youth. Public Health Engineering and Village Industries Minister Guru Rudra Kumar gathered information about its features of ecycle after riding it during the concluding ceremony of the five-day 46th Jawaharlal Nehru Science Mathematics and Environment Exhibition.

He visited the venue of exhibition by riding e-cycle. Kaivalya Abhay Lapsetwar, a student from Jyotirgamay English School in district Yavatmal Pusad Maharashtra, informed the minister Guru Rudra Kumar about the merits of this cycle at the exhibition. He told that there is no need to put fuel in e-cycle. It is made at a lower cost than other vehicles. This bicycle has headlight, dynamos, battery, charging indicator and motor. It operates by motor. For charging the motor, it has been fitted with dynamos as well as electric and solar panels.

It also has an accelerator for speed control. It can also be run with a paddle. License is not required for this cycle. It can also be used for physical exercise. This cycle covers a distance of up to 30 km once charged. It is perfectly suitable for the human health and environment. It is also useful for everyone because of

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