Missing Sports Culture In CHHATTISGARH-needs Attention.

The biggest question that arises when someone says to become a sportsman is,how will you survive? but why it is so!

The sports of Chhattisgarh comprise of football, hockey, cricket, basketball, kabbadi, volleyball, badminton and almost all other sports activities practiced all over India.
CHHATTISGARH is having ample of resources and potential but what we guess is not properly utilized,their exists a lot of mismanagement and planning,no proper guidance is available to the sports aspirants in our state as well as are not even given any special privilege or respect.
sports persons comes as a trend i.e. for few days everyone praises them and after some months no one even recognizes them. but why so? why we do not accept them as dignified individuals? why academics is so important for us?

before proceeding we would like to list you the facilities provided by government first;
the Chhattisgarh Football Federation is the state association affiliated to the All India Football Federation. Its office is in Bhilai. The important football stadiums in Chhattisgarh include the Pant Stadium in Bhilai and the NTPC Football Stadium in Korba. They also serve as the venues for the All India Football Federation Tournaments.
The Ravishankar Shukla Stadium in Durg is among the most important sports stadiums in India. The Priyadarshini Indira Stadium in Korba is a spacious stadium, having a seating capacity of 45,000.
The district of Rajnandgaon has has the biggest stadium of Chhattisgarh: the Digvijaya Stadium. The city is famous for the sport of hockey. In fact, it is known as the ‘Nursery of Hockey’.,etc.

so even after having international stadiums for HOCKEY and CRICKET,students of the state are not able to excel!

the first and the foremost problem lies in maintenance of these stadiums which is not properly done by the representatives as well as sometimes the government do not allot that much of funds as their are some primary issues to be resolved first,even we came to learn that the stadium in raipur is not even having a continuous current supply due to non payment of bills which is disappointing to know.

no proper trainers or mentors are provided which could guide them, a small attention is given in cricket now a days,one more point which comes is teachers are not even paid as much they deserve so they loose interest sometimes. Despite having big opportunities we are not able to grab them as their are no proper facilities for students to go and practice there.

the next reason comes is poverty- central government could not support state government a deeper because they haves issues like low per capita income,malnutrition,illiteracy which they need to tackle first.
even the sports is surrounded by politics…approach matters the most! not the talent!
even the prizes provided by government do not match their hard work and then they do not feel motivated.
Blaming the society is equally justified the way we blame the government as we people never take care of all these places reporting this is the responsibility of the government forgetting that those facilities are for us!

now coming to people their thinking castes and cultures which do not encourage a person to prosper in sports is every parent want their child to study first.Families tend to give their children more education.The basic feeling is that sport doesn’t bring the money that is required to run a family,which is totally wrong. not everyone is born to become an engineer,doctor or a CA.
we always feel proud when someone wins for India but do not want our children to go that way and struggle that hard.

coming next is those who are struggling to save their family sometimes do the work they get instead of following their passion just to save their families from poverty,illness,or to provide them the basic amenities.
so despite having so much talent but improper management we are lacking the legends who will represent us at national and international levels and make us proud!

so time to rethink-what do we want from our youth!
thank you
have a nice day 🙂

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