Mob violence in Bihar Sharif, man thrown from first floor

incident is of Mahalpara area, it was said.

Mob violence at its worst was witnessed in Bihar Sharif when people threw a man from first floor balcony.

The man who was thrown had been in the hiding after he allegedly gunned down a man named Diwakar Kumar.

The people then got furious and not only did they throw him off the balcony but also a policeman who tried to intervene.

The incident had gone out of control as some of the journos too were injured.

The incident is of Mahalpara area, it was said.

The episode was also filmed and has now gone viral.

The mob ransacked the house and set fire to at least six vehicles.

Altogether 11 policemen including two deputy SP level officers were injured in a clash, police confirmed.

Police then acted swuiftly to arrest nine persons in the connection.

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