Modi & Leaders extended greetings for Constitution Day

PM Modi, President Kovind, other leaders greet nation on Constitution Day.

PM Modi, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and other leaders today extended greetings for Constitution Day.

“On Constitution Day we recall with pride the stellar contribution of the greats who served in our Constituent Assembly. We are proud of our Constitution and reiterate our commitment to uphold the values enshrined in it,” the Prime Minister tweeted.

President Ram Nath Kovind, speaking at a Constitution Day event at Vigyan Bhavan, inNew Delhi, extended warm greeting to all citizens and welcomedmembers of the judiciary from BIMSTEC countries “foran occasion that is not only important for India, but is a celebration of universal values, and allows for mutual learning and sharing”. He called the Constitution of India “an inspirational and living document, an ideal of the society we are and the even better society we are striving to be”.

“Dr Ambedkar and his colleagues in the Constituent Assembly had trusted the wisdom of future generations tonot just amend the Constitution, but to constructively re-imagine and reinterpret it,”he said.

“It is a paradox that our citizens, in whose name the Constitution was adopted, are sometimes not sufficiently informed about what the Constitution means for us. Let the 70th year of its adoption be dedicated to enhancing awareness about the Constitution,”President Kovind said.

He urged people “togivethe constitutional ethic a greater salience in all our thinking and all our actions”.

In a series of tweets, the President spoke aboutsafeguarding and strengthening the Constitution andupholding justice in its various forms. He spoke about the ideas of “social and political justice”, and how it has expanded to encompass today’s civic parameters.

“Political justice in the electoral arena does not stop with free and fair elections and with universal franchise,” he tweeted.He said thatimproving transparency in campaign finance, as the government is trying to do, is an example of promoting political justice. He added that disruptions in parliamentary proceedings can also be seen as an “encroachment on the citizen’s understanding of justice.”

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu too took to Twitter to felicitate all Indians on the occasion of Constitution Day.

“Our constitution is the voice of the marginalised the prudence of the majority. Its wisdom continues to guide us in moments of crisis. It’s in our best interest to heed advice under constitution. If we don’t, our hubris will result in sharp descent into chaos,” said Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi in Delhi,reported.

“People of India today know who they are and what they owe to themselves. If we see 70 years down the line, the political process, the element of governance, the state craft the civil society, the media, all have contributed into the flowering of Indian Democracy,”Union MinisterRavi Shankar Prasad said, speaking atVigyan Bhavan in Delhi.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee paid homage toDr BR Ambedkar and all other members of the Constituent Assembly.

“We must do everything we can to protect the spirit of our Constitution,” she said.

Maharashtra CM, Devendra Fadnavis took partin a Preamble reading at Mumbai’s Mantralaya to pay homage to Dr Ambedkar.

Andhra PradeshChief Minister, N Chandrababu Naidu, took to Twitter tocommemorate “the hard work of our leaders who drafted the constitution for the citizens”.

Constitution Day is celebrated on 26 November every year to mark the adoption of the Constitution of India. On this date, in 1949, the Constituent Assembly had adopted the Indian Constitution, It came into effect on 26 January 1950.

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