Modinomics leads to an increase in farmers’ income

Modi says, Government working on four points to double up farm gains

A Chhattisgarh farmer has seen his income growing by six to seven times in just three years. He reported this to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was just too happy to learn his success story.

This interaction took place through the official Narendra Modi App on Wednesday.

It was not only the Chhattisgarh farmer, but farmers from all over India conversed with their PM, thanking him for adopting a pro-agrarian stance and policy at the Center.

A visibly satisfied PM claimed after the conversation that farmes’ income in the country is visibly on the rise and it has even doubled in many cases, due to various initiativesof his government.

‘We are working towards ensuring that the income of our hardworking farmers doubles by 2022. For that, we are facilitating proper assistance wherever required. We have faith in the farmers. They are ready to take risks and bring results, he said.

Modi said his government focused on major four points to achieve the target of doubling farmers’ income. “First, we are trying to bring down the input cost as much as possible. Second, farmers should get remunerative prices. Third is how to minimise wastage. And the fourth is to offer alternative sources of income,” he said.

Modi said the government had ensured remunerative prices to farmers by announcing Minimum Support Price (MSP) for the notified crops in the Union Budget.

“The input cost for MSP will include family labour, expenses on cattle, machines, seeds, fertilisers, irrigation along with land revenue by the state governments, rent for the land on lease and interest on working capital,” said Modi.

Prior to this, Modi had set a target in June 2016 to double agraiculturists’ income by the year 2022. With an aim to give boost to the agriculture sector, the government has enhanced agri budget from Rs 15,809 crore to Rs 35,984 crore which is more than double.

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