Modi’s look-alike to Campaign for Congress Party in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Unhappy over unfulfilled poll promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi his look-alike Abhinandan Pathak will campaign for the Congress in 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Narendra Modi’s look-alike, Abhinandan Pathak is back in the news again and reports are circulating in the media about his decision to join hands with Congress in protest against the saffron party’s unfulfilled promises. Pathak will campaign for the Congress party in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Pathak’s striking resemblance to PM Modi has been encashed by the ruling party many times in the past. A native of Saharanpur, Pathak has been spotted at many BJP rallies during the Delhi elections 2015 and Uttar Pradesh elections 2017.

Congress workers were flummoxed when Abhinandan Pathak reached UPCC headquarters’ main building on Wednesday as they thought it was PM Modi, reported.

However, after realising that it was not the PM himself but his doppelganger, they reportedly mocked Pathak and asked him about Rs 15 lakh in bank account promise made by the PM during 2014 election campaign.

“Such questions have compelled me to come to the Congress Party. I intend campaigning against BJP in the 2019 elections,” Pathak told . He also met UPCC president Raj Babbar on Wednesday.

Pathak has also contested Lok Sabha poll in 1999 and Vidhan Sabha election in 2012 apart from serving two terms as a corporator from Saharanpur.

Pathak said that he is a huge admirer of PM Modi and said that the PM had accepted him with open arms. However, he is forced to campaign for the Congress due to unfulfilled promises.

He further added that he has urged the UPCC chief to set a meeting with Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

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