Mohammed Akbar insists its ‘disposal’ not dismissal of parl secy case in HC

He however did confirm on the interim order of the High Court

Former Minister and Congress leader Mohammed Akbar explained that the Chhattisgarh High Court has disposed of the petition on the issue of parliamentary secretaries and not dismissed it.

He however did confirm on the interim order of the High Court.

Akbar said that Court had earlier itself ordered halt on powers exercised by the parliamentary secretaries and the facilities extended to them would continue to remain suspended.

He said that the parliamentary secretaries would not be able to work as Ministers.

Akbar said that High Court has ruled that Supreme Court on the issue was in a different context than what is the case here.

Akbar also advised the Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh to first take briefing of the issue and then issue a reaction.

Akbar also pointed out that with more than 27 lakh applications inbound in Lok Suraaj, the work being done by the Chief Minister and his government is pretty obvious.

This he said in response to the CM statement that the petitioners had little to do elsewhere.

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