Monsoon reaches earlier, yet no sangunity of good rains

Covers entire India 17 days ahead of schedule

The monsoon reached Sriganganagar, its last outpost in the country located in west Rajasthan, on Friday. It has
covered the entire country, 17 days ahead of its normal onset date. The normal date for arrival of this seasonal system in Sriganganagar is July 15.

“It today covered the entire country,” additional director general Mritunjay Mohapatra said. The monsoon covers the entire country by July 1 but West Rajasthan gets rainfall later, he said.

But this year, due to good easterly rains, it has taken the rain to the entire country early, Mohapatra added. The four-month season normally begins from June 1 and ends on September 30.

This year, it touched Kerala on May 29, three days ahead of its normal onset date of June 1. It battered the western coast in the first half of June.

However, after a brief lull, it made a steady advance. On Thursday, it reached Kerala, a day ahead of its schedule.

The monsoon deficiency, which until early this week was 10%, went down to 6% on Friday. The Southwest Monsoon gives 70% rainfall to the country, where agriculture still remains a major contributor to the GDP.

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