More on man who is accused of Pittsburgh mass shooting

He is also known to have made such comments after he was apprehended

As the mass shooting in Pittsburgh unfolds, more is being probed by the media platforms on the background and person who carried this deadly attack.

So far it has been ascertained that the shooter had very vocal anti-Jewish sentiments.

He is also known to have made such comments after he was apprehended.

This is as per the law enforcement official who later interacted with the media persons.

He barged into the synagogue where he carried out the bloodshed as the Shabbat services were ongoing.

Local media sources have claimed that at the time of the shooting, three different congregations were holding services at the Tree of Life and that the shooter was in the synagogue for about 20 minutes.

It was after the attack and as he was leaving the building, Bowers encountered a law enforcement officer and the two exchanged gunfire, officials said.

Police has confirmed that he has an active license to carry firearms and he has made at least six known firearm purchases since 1996.

Bowers posted photos of his handgun collection on his account, which included multiple clips and sights.

The man is known to have blamed the Jews for helping migrant caravans.

On his account, Bowers claimed Jews were helping transport members of the migrant caravans. He shared a video that another user posted, purportedly of a Jewish refugee advocacy group HIAS on the US-Mexico border. Another post that Bowers commented on described HIAS’ overall efforts as “sugar-coated evil.

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