More than 140 people feared buried in China landslide

More than 140 people are feared buried in a landslide in Maoxian County of China’s Sichuan Province. According to county government’s spokesman 46 homes in the village of Xinmo were swallowed by huge boulders when the side of a mountain collapsed burrying at least 141 people.
The government of the province said the landslide from a mountain fell onto the village early morning today and blocked a 2 kilometer section of a river and 1.6 kilometre of road. Local police captain, Chen Tiebo said heavy rains that hit the region in recent days had triggered the landslide. Local goverment said in a statement that rescue operation is under way to try to locate and rescue the missing.
President Xi Jinping called for rescuers to spare no effort in their search for survivors.

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