More than thirty people died due to swine flu, in Punjab

With deaths of as many as 31 people dying of swine flu over last four months in Punjab, the state government informed the legislative assembly.

It was said that Health minister Brham Mohindra informed House that a sudden increase in the number of swine flu cases had been observed since January 2019.

“378 positive cases of swine flu have been reported in the state from October 1, 2018, till February 11, 2019. Of these, 31 deaths have been reported,” Mohindra said.

Akali MLA Sukhwinder Kumar and AAP MLA Nazar Singh Manshahia drew the attention of the minister towards problem being faced by people in the state due to H1N1 virus.

Lok Insaaf Party MLA Simarjeet Singh Bains claimed that the death toll because of the flu in Punjab was much more than what the government was claiming.

Bains claimed that alone 55 people had died of the flu in just one month and these are the figures procured by NGOs from several hospitals.

Mohindra claimed that the state was fully geared up to deal with the situation and provide diagnostic and curative treatment to all the patients.

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