More Zika cases emerge in Rajasthan, heres latest

But it has also been said that so far 98 patients have recovered

The Zika menace continues to rattle the Rajasthan administration as eight more patients were diagnosed with Zika virus in Jaipur.

This takes the total number of Zika patients in the pink city to 117.

But it has also been said that so far 98 patients have recovered.

Local sources said that most of the Zika virus cases have been found in Shastri Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Sindhi Camp and New Sanganer Road.

Four Rajput hostelites were allowed to go after more than 7 days of confinement.

They were diagnosed with the virus on October 15.

They had been kept in confinement 3 days before the results.

Health department has organised health camps in Jaipur and has been carrying out door-to-door fogging to prevent
the vector-borne virus from spreading further.

Symptoms of Zika include reddening of eyes, muscle pain, joints pain and high fever. A person should get himself checked medically if these symptoms exhibit themselves.

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