Mother sold six week old baby to buy a Cell Phone

Reeling with regret, the woman has confessed to selling her six-week-old baby to an orphanage in Nigeria's Edo district so that she could buy a cell phone with the proceeds.

Woman from Nigeria‘s Edo state has been arrested by local police for selling her six-week-old baby allegedly in order to buy a cell phone with the proceeds.

Johnson Kukome, the Commissioner of Police while confirming the incident, termed it a serious offence.

The accused, 23-year-old Miracle Johnson reportedly sold her baby, Greatness, to an orphanage in exchange for N200,000, reported .

A sum of 200,000 Nigerian nairas is the equivalent of close to 40,000 in Indian rupees.Johnson told police authorities that she was prompted to sell her infant to an orphanage in Anambra state’s Onitsha by her friend, Mama Joy who is currently on the run.

She further added that her friend told her to use the proceeds to buy her husband a motorcycle or help him start a business.

The mother of two while expressing regret over her decision said that she sold her baby due to frustration since her husband was unable to provide for her and her children.

In fact, the mother said that she did not want to buy the cell phone with the proceeds but was forced to do so by her friend, Mama Joy.

Miracle’s husband, Johnson Omovuokpor said that he had clearly rejected his wife’s offer of selling their infant but she did not pay heed to his disapproval.

He told probing authorities that upon returning home one day, his neighbour told him how his wife had left for shopping with a bag which is when he realised what she had set out to do.

A similar case was reported from Mohali, Punjab, in May of this year where a man was caught trying to sell his newborn daughter.

The incident had come to light after the father approached the hospital staff with the offer. A case was registered against the man under section 317 of the IPC and sections 75 and 81 of the Juvenile Act, 2015.

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