MP police nabs gang that cud have killed dozens for robbery

gang is said to have been led by one Adesh Khamra

The gang is said to have been led by one Adesh Khamra.

who has personally confessed to murdering as many as 33 truck drivers and cleaners
across different states since year 2010.

The Madhya Pradesh police may have claimed a massive success when it nabbed a gang of men.

This is because the men confessed to killing over 30 people, mostly truck drivers, as part of their robbery campaign.

Bhopal police have so far taken nine members of the gang in custody.

While one of the bodies was stuffed in a truck full of steel, another was dumped in a truck carrying betel leaves, said the top cop.

Police said that the gang members used to befriend the truck drivers and cleaners so much so that they earned complete trust of their victims.

It was then that they moved in for the kill and used to flee with the truck and its load.

But the police is also facing questions as to how the gang managed to evade arrest for a total of eight years.

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