Mumbai local trains turn dangerous for women

GRP commissioner Niket Kaushik said, “At least three women get molested daily on railway premises across all lines of Mumbai’s suburban rail network.”

The Diwali weekend proved that women in Mumbai are not just unsafe on roads but also in the city’s lifeline — local trains. Of the five molestation cases filed during the festival, two took place in the train and that too in ladies’ compartments.

The Governmnet Railway Police on all the three lines — central, western and harbour — fine around 400 vagabonds and suspected trouble makers everyday for under the Maharashtra Police Act for begging, ticketless travelling or for creating nuisance, some still manage to get away.

The GRP have formed three teams. “One team will only be responsible for investigations and railway crime. The second team would be in charge of patrolling at stations and constables will be deployed at each entry and exit points (both legal and illegal). The third team would begin patrolling in trains and charging trouble makers to ensure safety of passengers,” said Chavan.

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