Mumbai loses pace as rains pound the city

Heavy rainfall to worry about in next 12 hours


Water-logging has been reported in some parts of Mumbai as torrential rains hit the city on the morning of the first working day of the week.

Local trains were functioning on all lines but were said to be running 15-20 minutes late. After heavy showers of 195 mm in 21 hours over Mumbai, Skymet expects rains to remain strong for another 12 hours.

According to reports, a tree fell at Mahananda Dairy, near NESCO, slowing down traffic on Western Express Highway in both directions. Western Railway suburban trains were running despite heavy rains in the city. According to India Meteorological Department, heavy to very heavy rain is likely to continue in the region./p<

Traffic was seen proceeding at a snail’s pace. Vbehicles were plying on roads hardly at a an average speed of 10 kmph in view of safety on affected UP line between Bhilad & Sanjan.

Suburban trains on main, harbour and transharbour lines are running in spite of heavy rains.

Single line working is being initiated to pass the up line trains from Down line between flood affected Sanjan – Bhilad section to pass up line trains including August Kranti Rajdhani Express.

A K Gupta, General Manager, Western Railway is proceeding to personally monitor the restoration work of affected up line track between Bhilad and Sanjan due to very heavy rains during the previous night. Efforts are on for early restoration: Western Railway.

Due to heavy rainfall between Thane and Byculla stations, trains on Up and Down lines running late by 15-20 minutes. Mumbai rains have crossed the 200 mm mark in the past 24 hours. In the last 24 hours from 8.30 am on Sunday, Santa Cruz recorded 231 mm of rains.

Rains have claimed two lives so far, while five were injured after a tree fell on them due to heavy rains at MG road, near Metro Cinema in Mumbai.

Due to heavy rain between Virar and Surat all Mail express trains arriving at Bandra Terminus, Dadar Terminus and Mumbai central are expected to arrive late according to Divisional Railway Manager, Mumbai Division of Western Railway.

Colaba recorded 90 mm and Santacruz recorded 195 mm of rain at 5.30 am

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