Mumbai sisters faced violence as they continued with feeding stray animals 

Mumbai sisters faced violence as they continued with feeding stray animals

Sisters who were also animal enthusiasts, had to face  violence and molestation because of their love of stray pets. Just as they continued feeding the stray animals around their society in commercial capital Mumbai, the other residents crossed limits to resort to violence.

It was on Tuesday that 29-yr-old Kiran Ahuja and 28-yr-old sister Shilpa were encircled by two dozen members of their society, who later also brutally attacked them.

“They tore our clothes and beat us. Around 20 people were in a circle around us, thrashing us. We had to run for our lives,” Kiran recalled. The police have arrested three residents for molestation, assault and rioting.

Kiran, a physiotherapist, and Shilpa, a lawyer, moved to Sanjay Gandhi Nagar SRA in Dindoshi in March. The sisters are both registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), and they regularly feed stray dogs in the neighbourhood.

They allegedly received several threats from the residents for feeding a female stray in the society premises. Matters got worse after the dog gave birth to a litter of pups.

Kiran wrote to the People for Animals (PFA), following which the NGO called the society secretary and issued a warning.

However, when the sisters returned home on October 24, one of the residents Rustom Patel and his two sons came to their flat at 10.30 am and threatened to throw them out of the house overnight if they continued to feed the dogs.

Kiran and Shilpa rushed to Kurar police station to lodge a non-cognisable (NC) offence.

“In the evening, I found Patel beating the female dog with a bamboo stick. When I stopped him, he called his family members and other residents, who began abusing and slapping me,” said Kiran.

She called her sister for help, but the residents allegedly surrounded both women and assaulted them. The sisters then approached the police around midnight, and an FIR was filed against Patel, his son Riyaz and a third person.

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